Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mad Woman!

At an AMC cocktail reception, Mad Men actress, January Jones, decided to bring a gift. January was not only gracious enough to bring one gift, but also brought two gifts! Isn't she the sweetest?

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh and... oh my gosh. Those were the only words I could utter when I saw this outfit. What in the world was January thinking? This whole outfit (and the hair) needs to be thrown into the desert and buried with sand, so we wouldn't ever have to see it again. Would someone please tell me what makes a woman decide to wear not only a sheer dress (and an unflattering one at that) topped off with a strapless bra and boob bows??? This whole outfit is totally beyond me, so if anyone knows why Ms. Jones wore this (and I use this word lightly) ensemble, please kindly tell me and I will be forever in your debt.


sharazad said...

I have some boob bows.Everybody's wearing them:Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Julia Roberts...