Monday, November 30, 2009

Ashley Greene at the David Letterman Show.

I know I've seen an outfit similar to this somewhere... where was it I saw it and who was wearing it... OH! Jim Carrey was rocking a yellow version of this outfit in the movie The Mask... Unfortunately Jim looked better in this outfit than Ashley does.

Ashley Greene one of the members of the Twilight phenomenon, should have definitely changed her outfit before stepping out in this tragic ensemble. The cut of this outfit is really bad, the jacket is bulky and the pants are practically touching her armpits and the cuff on the bottom of the pants... really shouldn't be there. I can't hate on Ashley though, she has worn a lot of cute things while traveling around the world promoting Twilight, and this is only a little misstep. Let's just hope it won't happen again.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Happy almost turkey day everyone!

Okay, now for more adventures in Olsen land! The Olsens are millionaires if not billionaires, with many empires. They have a clothes line, decor line, perfume line and probably a toothpaste line too.Mary-Kate and Ashley have very petite frames, and it is hard to find things that aren't to baggy ( As a petite person myself I know) the Olsen twins haven't figured out yet that less is more.What a lot of people are wondering ( Including myself) is why they dress like bag ladies who feed the pigeons in Central park , when in fact they can afford to buy Central Park and everything in it. Oh well, Mary-Kate and Ashley have their own style and it looks like they are sticking with it... Unfortunately.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Couture? Or Not.

Is it Couture or is it a fashion disaster... that is the question.

I believe I have an answer to this question. It may have actually been on a runway before, but that doesn't mean it should be worn on a red carpet. Kim Kardashian took a risk wearing this dress, for it is hard for anyone besides a size nothing, to model a couture outfit and look good. What I find hilarious is the little pocket on the dress, one little accident and Pop! goes the boob for all the world to see. I'll give props to Kim though, I wouldn't even have tried on this dress, but she is out and around smiling, daring people to say something about her dress, she is either really brave or a hopeless fashion victim.

Now ladies remember, couture dresses are better left on the runway.
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