Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chloe Sevigny.

In 1992 Michelle Pfeiffer had her turn as Catwoman, and in 2004 so did Halle Berry. Now there is a new Catwoman on the prowl...everyone meet Chloe Sevigny aka... Catwoman

Why are celebs wearing jumpsuits all of a sudden? Unless you are under the age of five or you are incarcerated in prison, you have no reason to wear a jumpsuit. Chloe has always had um...different taste in clothes but this is going too far... even for her. Not only is this jumpsuit unflattering to Chloe's frame but a cow had to die just to make this hideous outfit and for this crime I am terribly upset with Chloe. I mean if your going to kill animals to make your clothes, at least make sure your clothes are going to be chic. This is a huge NO! Chloe. Here's some advice though Chloe, stay away from PETA members, they would have a field day with you.