Monday, March 8, 2010

2010 Academy Award's Hits and Misses.

The 2010 Academy Awards, filled with actors and actresses bursting with nervous energy as they anxiously waited to see if they where the one going home with the one man every actor and actress hopes to claim as their own... the Oscar.

As for the red carpet fashions, the main theme was glitter and old Hollywood glamour... unfortunately Star Trek alumni Zoe Saldana didn't receive that memo and chose to wear this multi- colored Givenchy gown. Now, some loved this dress and gushed over it while others hated it! I am one of the latter ones I admit. To me this dress looks like it would be of better use at a car wash and not something to be worn to one of the biggest nights in Hollywood. Come on it's the Oscars! You don't want to look like a Muppet reject at the Academy Awards. I will say that I do love the bodice of the gown and that Zoe's makeup is beautiful... I just can't love the rest of this dress. What I want to know is, my dear followers, what did you think of Zoe's gown?