Friday, December 18, 2009

Mary-Kate and Ashley Revisited.

Look on the red carpet! Its a bird and a yeti! No its a bird and a gorilla... or it could be our favorite twins Mary-Kate and Ashley!

Okay, I think we could do a whole blog about Mary-Kate and Ashley so this will be the last post about them... unless of course they wear something so bad that I have to show and tell. While Mary-Kate is actually not that bad this time(Surprisingly) Ashley's... coat? dog? whatever it is, is absolutely horrendous. Mary-Kate outfit is not that bad really, the basket weave print is a bit much but, hey this is one of the nicer things she has worn, while Ashley just looks like a baby Chubaka. If I was there designer or heck, even a friend, I would suggest wearing less clothes unless they planned on going skiing or some such activity, make sure their hair was the same color as their roots and that their hair was combed before they walked a red carpet. Until someone steps in and says enough is enough we will be stuck with peacock Mary-Kate and Chubaka Ashley. Sigh


Ms. King said...

great post, i'm a twin 2 people sumtimes call us Mary-Kate & Ashley or Sister Sister.

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Jade "Purple" Brown said...

i dont care what anyone says they always look good!