Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sarah Jessica Parker.

The Pink Panther Pimp that is, Sarah Jessica Parker is seen here walking the red carpet at the Did You Hear About The Morgans? Premiere... I've got to find that hat.

Sarah Jessica Parker is known for her fashion sense, but SJP's style can go either way. Sarah can either score a touchdown or she totally fumbles the ball, or um clothes... anyway you get my point. Now, this outfit I can't really decide if I love it or hate it with a passion. The dress is pretty enough, (I've always loved that color) but the matrix jacket paired with it kind off turns me off. As for the hat, I have to say I love it, just not with this outfit. I can't really dislike the outfit because of the way Ms. Parker is carrying herself, as if saying- oh yeah I know I'm fly and is daring anyone to differ with her, and with the hat cocked slyly to the side I can't say I totally dislike this ensemble.

So my great followers, what do you think of Pink Panther Pimp's outfit?


Ms. King said...

hey, your blog is very cool...i'm following u

(don't 4get 2 follow me)

~kristie~ said...

loved it!!

hope you can stop by and follow my blog!