Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bai Ling or Big Bird?

Big Bird! Oh my God! I love you Big Bird!!!!!

Bai Ling, you silly bird, the only people who can go around wearing furry yellow boas and pull it off, are Big Bird and prostitutes in old Western times, I wish someone would pull Bai Ling aside and tell her that, the poor thing is still running around looking like a giant canary. Bai Ling has never been known for her fashion sense but this is going to far even for her. This is even more embarrassing than her singing career attempt... well no that was way more embarrassing. The blue hair really clashes with this idea of an outfit, but hey if I was 43 years old and had a body like this, maybe I would walk around in a bikini and a boa too.


CeciliaOnline said...

dont like it ! SHe looks like a bird lol
cool blog btw