Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oh Kerry Why?

Kerry Washington is one of the best actresses in Hollywood these days, but when it comes to fashion sometimes she's just plain lost.

Ms. Washington is always gorgeous but I wish her outfits were as exquisite as she is. An aluminium foil dress isn't exactly what's in style but on the plus side she stayed nice and fresh through out the whole evening. On the down side Kerry, aluminum foil was invented to keep food fresh not to wear on ones person to keep you fresh. While I don't really hate this dress, and it does have good bones, I really don't think aluminum foil water wings are appropriate at any event except pool parties. Sorry Kerry, next time try saran wrap, I hear it works better.


sharazad said...

No, no, no- wax paper is the stuff...daub a little vinaigrette behind the ears, don some cherry tomato earrings and - I'm taking this analogy too far, aren't I?