Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Elvis Has Left The Building.

Elvis has left the building and Katy Perry has entered.

Katy Perry dons one, different outfit, after another, ensuring that we know that she has her own sense of... style? I applaud Ms. Perry for not conforming to the usual Hollywood styles that everybody wears, but she's gone a little too far. I think she had a pretty white bathing suit and was like, you know what I can rock this, got out her bedazzler and went to town! Then she decided that beads weren't enough and said, ooh it would look even cooler with a cape! This is what Elvis Presley and Wonder Woman's child would look like if they had one. Katy back away from the bedazzler!


sharazad said...

If you're talented enough to get famous, why do you still crave attention this much?

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