Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mischa Barton.

Mischa Barton at the Oscar Generale's showroom in Los Angeles, California. Oh, boy I'm going to have fun with this one!

Mischa Barton has slowly been sliding downhill in the world of fashion. There was a time when Mischa would wear cute, even beautiful ensembles, but that is certainly not the case anymore. How many people own the movie The Nutcracker, starring Macaulay Culkin? Well, I am one of them, as I kid it was a family tradition to watch that movie around Christmas time. This outfit, not unlike the ones in the movie, reminds me of Christmas time only not in a good way, none of the people in the movie looked like Skeletor with a bad dye job. What makes me laugh in pity though is the shoes that she paired with this dress. Possibly the worst Oh No She Didn't! we've had on this blog... what do you think?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Taylor Momsen.

Taylor Momsen at the Radio One Maida Vale Studios in London, England. No way would I be allowed out of the house in this getup and I'm 17 also.

Wow. This is just ridiculous, I can understand individuality and a yearning to be different but Taylor Momsen must be stopped! What in the world is wrong with this girl? I'm thinking she really needs a psychiatric evaluation, I mean was someone mean to her in life, what in the world has prompted this girl to dress like a hooker? The raccoon eyes, the long extensions, everything is wrong with this outfit. One day she will look back at this and think WHY!! WHY did I dress like that! (At least I hope she will) Taylor, please stop dressing like this, it's not cute and it's not dressing like an individual, anyone can go downtown and see someone dressed like this... I can't think of another person who deserves this Oh No She Didn't more than Taylor Momsen.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Shenae Grimes.

Shenae Grimes at the Nylon and Express Denim Issue Party.

I can understand wanting to wear this animal print jacket (sort of) everyone wants to release their inner snake, tiger and any other animal but why did Ms. Grimes pair it with denim short shorts and a tube top??? The only redeeming quality in this outfit is the shoes and they aren't all that great. Seriously Shenae did you really think this was tres cute and that everyone would follow your example and pair a coat with shorts? I've seen this look before Shanea, unfortunately it was on a homeless man wandering around downtown Atlanta talking to imaginary beings...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Drew Barrymore.

Drew Barrymore wearing an Alexander McQueen dress at the premiere of her new movie Going the Distance. Unfortunately Drew didn't GO to her hairdresser before the premiere (sigh)

While this dress isn't really unflattering, it doesn't exactly highlight Ms. Barrymore's figure nor does the pasty white face with the dark lipstick or the two toned hair enhance Drew's pretty face. Drew looks more like an extra off of the Twilight Saga than a woman at the premiere of her movie. Seeing Drew like this I can't but help wondering one question... Is she team Edward or team Jacob... Alas one of life's mysteries...