Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mischa Barton.

Mischa Barton at the Oscar Generale's showroom in Los Angeles, California. Oh, boy I'm going to have fun with this one!

Mischa Barton has slowly been sliding downhill in the world of fashion. There was a time when Mischa would wear cute, even beautiful ensembles, but that is certainly not the case anymore. How many people own the movie The Nutcracker, starring Macaulay Culkin? Well, I am one of them, as I kid it was a family tradition to watch that movie around Christmas time. This outfit, not unlike the ones in the movie, reminds me of Christmas time only not in a good way, none of the people in the movie looked like Skeletor with a bad dye job. What makes me laugh in pity though is the shoes that she paired with this dress. Possibly the worst Oh No She Didn't! we've had on this blog... what do you think?