Friday, August 28, 2009

Sandra Bullock.

What? I'm sorry but I cannot even think of anything to say about this dress but... WHAT? Sandra... WHAT?

At the Premiere of Sandra's newest flick, All About Steve, I can't help but think that maybe just maybe... she had been drinking a little bit prior to the premiere. I adore Sandra and have watched Miss Congeniality so many times that I can recite the whole movie by heart, after saying these compliments, I feel it is okay to... critique Ms. Jesse James's ensemble. It looks like she just wrapped a red curtain around herself then remembered, oh yeah I could get arrested if I wear something so short, so Sandra quickly threw on a black curtain and walked onto the red carpet without realizing that her bra was showing. Since Sandra is one of my favorite actresses, I will refrain from dissing her shoes... mostly because they speak for themselves.


Elise said...

Just wanted to stop by to say how much I enjoyed reading this post & to say hello. You have a great blog and really interesting photo's too. Best wishes and thank you for sharing...