Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jennifer Esposito.

At the Inglorious Basterds Premiere in the Big Apple, a pirate (unfortunately it was not Jack Sparrow aka Johnny Depp) descended amongst the celebrity arrivals. Now we all know Jennifer Esposito for her character on Samantha Who? but who knew Jennifer also sailed the seven seas and blunders ships, in-between takes?

Okay, there is one huge fashion faux pas that I want to clear up. Big puffy shirts are only to be worn if (a) you are a pirate (Like Ms. Espostio) or (b) if you are Jerry Seinfeld. I really don't see why she would wear her purse draped across her like this, it makes her chest look even flatter than her shirt does, which is exactly want we don't want to do girls. I do actually like her skirt and shoes, but I have to say that her hair, though meant to be sexily disheveled hair, just looks she got into a bit of a fight before walking the carpet. oh well,better luck next time walking the plank... I mean carpet...Matey.