Saturday, June 20, 2009

Serena Williams

Serena Williams is perhaps the best women's tennis player in the world (also one of the most highly payed players) So why is she dressed like a solid gold dancer?

Serena and her sister Venus have changed women's tennis, with their serves fast enough to set you on fire and their out of the box style on the court. When it comes to fashion though, Serena doesn't always hit the ball. Serena dear, what were you thinking when you put this on? It kind of looks like she just came from practice and just threw on some gaucho pants made out of brown sugar and a sports bra. Just please tell me Serena, that this ensemble is not from your fashion line Aneres. Please tell me!


sharazad said...

I am awash in bemusement... it actually looks like she didn't finish getting dressed.