Sunday, June 21, 2009

Controversial Dresses That Made Headlines.

Besides selling albums that go platinum, Lil Kim is also known for her um...different approach to fashion. Let me think of an example... Oh I know, Lil Kim is like the only person who showed up to the 1999 MTV Music Awards with just a pastie covering one of her breasts.

Well, I believe I can safely say we all remembered this outfit (maybe that was the idea) with it's side breast baring split, this already shocking outfit was made even more so with the pasties. Who else but Lil Kim would wear pasties as a um...shirt? This outfit graced a couple of headlines ,but we were all surprised when she arrived wearing it, but seriously it was Lil Kim. What did we expect? Well, at least it was better than the outfit she wore to the 2001 MTV Music Awards. Back to the drawing board Kim!


sharazad said...

Hahaha- and then, remember...Diana Ross & Lil' Kim were at the podium and Diana reached across and jiggled the boob with the pasty on it?

Ahh...misty water-colored memories...

Lora said...

I love this blog!
Better than Perez, seriously because this is hilarious and he's just jerky sometimes.

I've spent WAY too much time here this morning!

Angela said...

Dear GOD! But, gotta say, the color goes great with the skin tone.

Haha, how many men managed to maintain eye contact with her that night? LOL!

Kristen Sara said...

Yup... remember this one too. I was shocked! What?!?