Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cate Blanchett.

Grandma's throw blanket! Oh my gosh I haven't seen it in ages... wait a second how did Cate Blanchett manage to get my Grandma's blanket and why is she wearing it to Screen World's exhibition in Melbourne... personally I think it looked better on the couch.

Oh Cate, Cate, Cate. What were you thinking and (I mean this in the most respectful way) what were you smoking? Now I can how someone slightly... um stoned would definitely think this dress totally groovy. What I find hilarious is the fur around the hem, sleeve and the top of the dress. It's like the designer was like... hmm, how can I possibly make this dress even worse... WE NEED FUR! Honestly I didn't expect this from you Cate. Yes, my Grandma has made me blankets in the past and I treasure them with all my heart, but I don't wear them out as a dress. Next time time try a pillowcase. Better luck next time Cate.


Angela said...

Before i even read a word i thought, holy crap! I think my grannie made that!

CoCoCosmopolitan said...


Anonymous said...

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