Monday, November 23, 2009

Couture? Or Not.

Is it Couture or is it a fashion disaster... that is the question.

I believe I have an answer to this question. It may have actually been on a runway before, but that doesn't mean it should be worn on a red carpet. Kim Kardashian took a risk wearing this dress, for it is hard for anyone besides a size nothing, to model a couture outfit and look good. What I find hilarious is the little pocket on the dress, one little accident and Pop! goes the boob for all the world to see. I'll give props to Kim though, I wouldn't even have tried on this dress, but she is out and around smiling, daring people to say something about her dress, she is either really brave or a hopeless fashion victim.

Now ladies remember, couture dresses are better left on the runway.
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