Saturday, June 27, 2009

Controversial Dresses That Made Headlines.

No actual swans were hurt or used in the making of this oh no she didn't. Please proceed with caution.

Bjork: hey, know what would be cool? If I a bird...with it's head...placed on one of my girls! This is gonna be the best Oscars ever!!!!!!!!

I think I can safely say that we all remember when Bjork wore this dress to the 2001 Academy Awards. We did a collective gasp when Bjork stepped onto the red carpet wearing...a swan (sigh). I just don't understand how a friend, her stylist, heck anyone who loved her, let her wear this. Everybody in the fashion industry talked about this dress (people outside the fashion industry too) for days, for weeks on end. After the dress had served it's purpose (getting attention for Bjork) she carefully removed the swan and placed it back in the pond where he spent the rest of his days in peace.


Vanessa said...

Singer BJORK insists the infamous swan dress she wore to the OSCARS in 2001 was meant as a joke.
The Icelandic star, whose track I'VE SEEN IT ALL from movie DANCER IN THE DARK was nominated as Best Original Song in 2000, shocked crowds with the outfit which even laid eggs along the red carpet.
Bjork explains, "Well, I did bring eggs. Six of them that I left all over the red carpet. Come on, you don't bring eggs unless you want to take the piss, right?
"I was actually amazed at how many people thought I was serious. I didn't mean to cause a riot.
"It was really funny because the security guards would pick them up and run after me with their walkie-talkies saying, 'Excuse me, miss, you dropped this.'" -

Angela said...

God I remember this one! Bleck!

(haha, my moderation word is 'burpo')

Kristen Sara said...

I will never forget seeing Bjork in the swan dress... yikes!